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American Whistleblower Tour visits Stanford University

The Government Accountability Project's American Whistleblower Tour: Essential Voices for Accountability is at Stanford University in California this week. We'll be speaking today at the law school along with Kathryn Bolkovac, the brave whistleblower who discovered and disclosed U.N. peacekeepers' involvement in human … Continue reading

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Today, "The Day We Fight Back"

Good governance groups, transparency organizations and accountability advocates around the world are protesting mass surveillance today, February 11: the Day We Fight Back.

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Canadian parliament seeks to impose lifetime gag order on employees

The Canadian House of Commons is imposing a new "loyalty agreement" that essentially bans employees working under Members of Parliament from ever revealing information they discover at work to the public. Would this gag order stop them from revealing evidence of … Continue reading

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Whistleblowing and the Environment

The Government Accountability Project's American Whistleblower Tour made its first stop of the 2013-2014 season at West Virginia University, in an event titled Whistleblowing and the Environment: From Climate Change to the Gulf Oil Spill. CSW director Rick Piltz joined whistleblowers … Continue reading

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Federal court ruling threatens whistleblower and civil service protections

A federal appeals court ruling last week will have serious implications for whistleblower and other civil service protections for government workers. A loophole has been created that allows agencies to designate nearly any position as "sensitive," apparently broadly defined, and thereby … Continue reading

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On the war on surveillance state whistleblowers

Two must-read articles and a must-see documentary for putting current developments in the war on surveillance state whistleblowers in perspective:

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"In the surveillance state, the enemy is the whistleblower."

Statement by the Government Accountability Project on Edward Snowden and National Security Agency Domestic Surveillance

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NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake at the University of the District of Columbia

"We are seeing an unprecedented campaign against whistleblowers and truth-tellers: it's now criminal to expose the crimes of the state," writes Thomas Drake in The Guardian.  Drake and I spoke at the University of the District of Columbia Law School on … Continue reading

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More coverage on Corexit, deadly dispersant in the BP Gulf oil blowout disaster

“On the Green Front” did a good segment on Deadly Dispersants in the Gulf, the new report from the Government Accountability Project that details the effects on human health and the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem stemming from BP and the … Continue reading

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2013 Ridenhour Prizes

The Ridenhour Courage Prize was awarded this year to climate scientist James Hansen, recently retired as head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. The Ridenhour Truth-Telling Prize was awarded to Jose Antonio Vargas -- journalist, filmmaker, and founder … Continue reading

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