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Outlier scientist seeks spotlight as new IPCC report outlines climate risks

The IPCC climate change assessment report on Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability, to be released in Japan on March 31, highlights the grave risks we face as the climate changes. But some news coverage previewing the release has focused on the views … Continue reading

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Pielke misrepresents climate/extreme weather connection… again

In a replay of the argument he’s made for years, political scientist Roger Pielke Jr. attempts to dismiss the wide array of evidence linking climate change to extreme weather. Pielke’s selective use of data, an approach that has brought him … Continue reading

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New York Times op-ed asks wrong questions on climate change and California drought

A new opinion piece in the New York Times downplays the many lines of scientific evidence connecting climate change to the ongoing drought in California. The op-ed by NOAA’s Dr. Martin Hoerling addresses only the question of direct causation, and fails … Continue reading

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John Holdren: Drought and Global Climate Change: An Analysis of Statements by Roger Pielke Jr

Obama science adviser John Holdren would not normally draft a 6-page rebuttal to statements about climate change impacts by a non-climate-scientist academic and blogger. But in this case Holdren was challenged in prosecutorial tones at a recent Senate Environment Committee … Continue reading

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McNider and Christy Style Themselves Revolutionary But Defend Inertia

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Richard McNider and John Christy push thinly sourced, out-of-context claims about the success of climate models to argue that we really don’t know whether human-caused warming is a problem. They fancy themselves modern-day Galileos, … Continue reading

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Separating fact from fiction: a challenge for the media

A misleading coal industry-funded study that claimed the iPhone uses as much electricity as two refrigerators leads Jon Koomey to ask: why do the media keep falling into the trap of lending credence to people who continue to put out incorrect statements, … Continue reading

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Unleash John Holdren -- beyond the Polar Vortex video

Is a recently posted video on the polar vortex by Obama science adviser John Holdren a sign that the White House is finally ready to unleash this powerfully articulate climate science and policy communicator, after clearly holding him back during … Continue reading

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"Libricide": Harper government closing and junking environmental libraries

Canadian scientists say the closure of some of the world's finest environmental libraries by the Harper government is destroying irreplaceable collections of intellectual capital, The Tyee reports. This action by the Harper government fits a larger pattern we have been … Continue reading

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Canadian parliament seeks to impose lifetime gag order on employees

The Canadian House of Commons is imposing a new "loyalty agreement" that essentially bans employees working under Members of Parliament from ever revealing information they discover at work to the public. Would this gag order stop them from revealing evidence of … Continue reading

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Taylor distorts poll of meteorologists on climate change to reach opposite conclusion of study authors

Authors of a new study of meteorologists' views of global warming set the record straight when Forbes op-ed writer James Taylor, consistent with his long history of denial and obfuscation on climate change, selectively reports the results of a poll … Continue reading

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