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Weekend reading on climate change mitigation and fossil-fueled politics

(1) No False Choices: To Preserve a Livable Climate, We Need to Slash Both CO2 and Methane ASAP; (2) Oil Change International Report: Fossil Fuel Production Subsidies Exceed $21 Billion Annually in United States, have increased by 45% under Obama's “All of … Continue reading

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July 13: First national rally to stop fracked natural gas exports

On July 13 in Washington, DC, demonstrators will rally near the U.S. Capitol to call on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to reject a permit for Dominion Resources' proposed LNG export facility at Cove Point, Maryland – 50 miles from the … Continue reading

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Scientific integrity and whistleblower retaliation problem at Fish & Wildlife Service

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe, an Obama political appointee, has failed to act and refuses to provide relevant documents on findings of scientific misconduct and whistleblower retaliation by agency managers, according to a lawsuit filed by Public … Continue reading

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Save the Wolverine

A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service official has directed federal scientists to withdraw their recommendation that the last 300 wolverines in the continental United States deserve threatened species status. There has been pressure from Western states to overrule biologists who … Continue reading

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Federal coal mining permit blocked for failing to consider climate change impacts

Federal regulators failed to consider the social cost of carbon emissions in approving a proposed coal mine expansion in Colorado, said a U.S. district court judge last week in blocking the permit. The reasoning in this case should be applied … Continue reading

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New research on methane leakage questions climate benefit of natural gas

New research from scientists at NOAA and Carnegie-Mellon finds that natural gas production globally may be leaking enough methane to negate the climate benefits of gas over coal during the next two decades. Over a 20-year time period, methane is 86 … Continue reading

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House votes to direct the Pentagon to disregard climate change assessments

The U.S. House-passed 2015 Defense Appropriation bill apparently intends to have the Pentagon stop using leading scientific assessments of global climate disruption in national security planning. The Pentagon takes climate change and its impacts seriously and has included these issues … Continue reading

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McKitrick tries and fails to move the goalposts on climate action

In a new Financial Post op-ed (“The Global Warming Hiatus?”), Ross McKitrick continues to try to move the goalposts on climate action with a misleading argument about global climate models, while harping on the tired old “warming pause” meme. In … Continue reading

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On the role of methane in EPA's draft rule on carbon emissions

The proposed rule on carbon emissions from existing electric power plants released by the Environmental Protection Agency for public comment on June 2 "has a fundamental flaw," according to Prof. Robert Howarth at Cornell University. "It addresses only carbon dioxide … Continue reading

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American Whistleblower Tour panel at Stanford

Stanford University hosted Kathryn Bolkovac and Rick Piltz for a series of talks as part of the Government Accountability Project's American Whistleblower Tour. Bolkovac and Piltz spoke on April 22 at an event hosted by the McCoy Family Center for … Continue reading

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