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On leave

Friends--  Climate Science Watch is on leave until further notice.  We hope to return soon. In the meantime, we generally won't be posting comments.

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On eve of climate march, Wall Street Journal publishes call to wait and do nothing

In a new Wall Street Journal piece former BP scientist and DOE Undersecretary of Science Steven Koonin delivers a paradoxical case for climate change inaction. Koonin mis-states a number of scientific details, and ultimately lures readers toward the conclusion that climate … Continue reading

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A good federal court decision against a coal mining expansion: There are no remedies for failure to consider climate change impacts

Confirming and finalizing a preliminary decision made in July, a Colorado judge has killed a federal permit to allow expanded coal mining in the Gunnison National Forest, after Arch Coal’s application had been approved by the Obama Administration. The Bureau … Continue reading

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McKibben: Natural gas won't work as a 'bridge fuel' -- fracking may be worse than burning coal

In an article posted at Mother Jones today, Bill McKibben takes down the Obama administration's pro-fracking policy and argues that creating a new generation of natural gas infrastructure -- pipelines, power plants, export terminals -- is not a bridge to … Continue reading

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Matt Ridley unleashes slew of climate delayer talking points in the WSJ

In his latest Wall Street Journal op-ed, Matt Ridley provides a predictable litany of reasons why action on climate change shouldn’t be a priority right now. It’s a classic “delayer” mash-up of professing respect for science while simultaneously failing to … Continue reading

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Daily Mail touts McKitrick study using biased methods to question climate change

The Daily Mail (UK) has reported on a study by Ross McKitrick of the University of Guelph in Canada that, yet again, resurrects the tired old “warming pause” meme.  Climate Nexus notes that the study uses methods designed to show … Continue reading

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Michael Mann DC Appeals Court brief lays out defamation case and seeks to move toward trial

In a brief filed today in the DC Court of Appeals as part of his defamation lawsuit against the National Review and the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Michael Mann once again argued his case and requested that the Court proceed to … Continue reading

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How does oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean fit in with Obama’s climate plan?

Royal Dutch Shell is seeking once again to gain U.S. government approval to move forward next year with drilling for oil off the coast of Alaska. What will the U.S. Interior Department's environmental impact statement conclude about this high-risk, potential oil … Continue reading

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EPA will review restrictive communication policy for science advisers

In response to a letter from science and journalism organizations criticizing the agency's restrictive policy on public communications by Science Advisory Board members, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy has asked the EPA Science Adviser to review the policy. Hopefully … Continue reading

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EPA's restrictive communications policy for science advisers

The Environmental Protection Agency continues its history of restrictive policy on public communication by agency scientists and science advisers. Seven science, journalism, and public interest organizations wrote to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy on August 12 calling on her to "clarify … Continue reading

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