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How does oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean fit in with Obama’s climate plan?

Royal Dutch Shell is seeking once again to gain U.S. government approval to move forward next year with drilling for oil off the coast of Alaska. What will the U.S. Interior Department's environmental impact statement conclude about this high-risk, potential oil … Continue reading

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EPA will review restrictive communication policy for science advisers

In response to a letter from science and journalism organizations criticizing the agency's restrictive policy on public communications by Science Advisory Board members, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy has asked the EPA Science Adviser to review the policy. Hopefully … Continue reading

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EPA's restrictive communications policy for science advisers

The Environmental Protection Agency continues its history of restrictive policy on public communication by agency scientists and science advisers. Seven science, journalism, and public interest organizations wrote to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy on August 12 calling on her to "clarify … Continue reading

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Press groups file amici curiae brief in 'Mann v. Steyn' defamation lawsuit

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and 26 other organizations filed an amici curiae brief on August 11 with the DC Court of Appeals in Michael Mann's defamation lawsuit against the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the National Review … Continue reading

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Climate and energy infrastructure: On cumulative impacts of multiple tar sands pipelines

U.S. permits for multiple proposed Canadian tar sands pipelines should be considered in light of an overall climate change strategy, rather than the current practice of considering each energy infrastructure proposal on a project-by-project basis. "The administration’s commitment to aggressive … Continue reading

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New study suggests Keystone XL emissions could be 4 times higher than State Dept estimate

New research reported in Nature Climate Change finds that increased Canadian tar sands production would decrease global oil prices and thereby increase oil consumption. As a result, if the proposed Keystone XL pipeline led to increased tar sands production, the … Continue reading

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Global aviation emissions need regulation 'with teeth'

With the projected continuing significant growth in air traffic and the inadequacy of proposed aviation carbon emissions reductions, new research suggests that civil aviation will become an increasingly significant contributor to global warming unless demand is reduced -- and good luck … Continue reading

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On wildfires, climate change, and politicians saying burn, baby, burn

A day after California Governor Jerry Brown declared a wildfire state of emergency, the President's Science Adviser John Holdren appeared in a video linking increased wildfires in the U.S. West to human-caused climate change. In response to urgent calls for … Continue reading

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A note on global warming, ocean acidification, and the future of medicine

The likely loss of natural chemicals that might have life-saving value in advancing the development of new medicines should be added to the list of consequences of global warming, ocean acidification, and loss of biodiversity.

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Weekend reading on climate change mitigation and fossil-fueled politics

(1) No False Choices: To Preserve a Livable Climate, We Need to Slash Both CO2 and Methane ASAP; (2) Oil Change International Report: Fossil Fuel Production Subsidies Exceed $21 Billion Annually in United States, have increased by 45% under Obama's “All of … Continue reading

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