Climate Science & Policy Watch has its roots in the 2005 founding of Climate Science Watch by Rick Piltz (see CSPW History).  Led by CSPW Director and GAP’s Chief of Staff, Michael Termini, Climate Science & Policy Watch was formally launched on August 25, 2015 with the help of about a dozen experts. GAP’s decision to carry forward Piltz’s legacy stems from a strong organization-wide dedication to the original mission of CSW– to hold government accountable for using climate research with integrity – and to an expanded mission into areas of climate and energy policy consistent with the vision Piltz articulated before passing away in October 2014. CSPW is now fully engaged with a rich network of experts and advocates Piltz developed and continues to build on the many successes of CSW.

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RP (2)“You have to have the leadership – listen to what federal climate scientists are saying – and embrace it and accept it and promote it and act on it.…But it’s really for the rest of us to take the responsibility to hold public officials accountable to enable society to get the global warming problem dealt with effectively. And that’s something I think that we all have a role in.
I’ll leave you with that thought.”

Accepting the 2006 Ridenhour Award for Truth-telling
National Press Club
Washington, DC
April 4, 2006