R.I.P. Rick Piltz

Rick Piltz, Founder and Director of Climate Science Watch

Rick Piltz, Founder and Director of Climate Science Watch

The founder and director of Climate Science Watch, Rick Piltz, passed at 2:46 a.m. on Saturday, 18 October 2014.

In the spring of 2005, Rick resigned from his position with the Coordination Office of the U.S. Global Change Research Program to protest the Bush Administration’s political interference with climate change communication.  He did so at considerable personal cost and risk.  His departure also demonstrated a great level of integrity, authenticity and commitment to the science community and the American public.  He soon established Climate Science Watch and over the last decade continued to be a strong, independent and eloquent voice on climate science and policy.

His family, friends and colleagues will miss him greatly.

I can think of no greater tribute to Rick than to commit ourselves to “speak truth to power,” as Rick used to say.  Let us furthermore rededicate ourselves to moving our communities, businesses, organizations, and governments to effectively and urgently address our climate crisis. I hope many of you will join me in drawing inspiration from Rick as we move forward around the climate issue.

–Nicky Sundt, friend and colleague.

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  1. Craig Haley says:

    A great person with total integrity.
    A Michigan brother who taught me about a life compass and showed me how it worked internally in a human.
    He is truly The Hero in my life because of his integrity and courage.
    GO BLUE!

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