On leave


Friends– ¬†Climate Science Watch is on leave until further notice. ¬†We hope to return soon. In the meantime, we generally won’t be posting comments.

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2 Responses to On leave

  1. Roger Shamel says:

    So sorry to learn of Rick’s passing yesterday. He was one of my first climate heroes, having learned of his work in the 2007 documentary, “Everything’s Cool.” We met when he spoke at the 10-10-10 “White House Work Party,” protesting the lackluster response of the POTUS to the climate crisis. He will be missed, and fondly remembered for his courage and honesty. –RS

  2. Richard Welke says:

    This is to let the readers of this blog know that Rick Piltz passed away on October 18th due to cancer. This is a great loss, not only to the climate science advocacy movement, but also to all his many, many friends.

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