“Years of Living Dangerously” TV series on climate change premieres April 13


James Cameron, legendary film director and producer (Titanic, Avatar…) and innovative deep-sea explorer, brings his extraordinary ability to telling the story of global climate change. The first in a 9-part documentary series called Years of Living Dangerously, featuring well-known correspondents (Harrison Ford, Matt Damon…) and journalists (Chris Hayes, Tom Friedman, Lesley Stahl…) and the expertise of leading scientists, premieres on Showtime, the premium U.S. cable service, on Sunday, April 13, at 10pm EDT. The producers of the series are led by veteran journalists from “60 Minutes” who have won 18 Emmys. As an introduction, here’s the first hour-long episode:

Years of Living Dangerously website

FAQ on the series by climate adviser Joe Romm at Climate Progress

Kate Sheppard at Huffington Post: Can Celebrities And Prime Time TV Make Americans Care About Climate Change? (Interview with producer Dan Abassi)

John Abraham in The Guardian: Years of Living Dangerously – a global warming blockbuster

Andy Revkin DotEarth, New York Times: Showtime Series Aims to Engage Sleepy Public on Global Warming With Celebrity Guides

Jeff Masters at Weather Underground: James Cameron’s ‘Years of Living Dangerously’ Rocks

And Joe Romm at Climate Progress eviscerates criticism in a New York Times op-ed by the contrarian-provocateurs at the Breakthrough Institute, who opportunistically seek to dismiss this extraordinary production with characteristically misleading ideas — apparently without even having seen it: The Brutally Dishonest Attacks On Showtime’s Landmark Series On Climate Change

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2 Responses to “Years of Living Dangerously” TV series on climate change premieres April 13

  1. William Zaffer says:

    Well done and informative. Just hope more watch and we get money out of politics like the Koch Brothers who own politicians they lie about climate change.

    Live healthier, green, shop local and buy American when you can.

  2. Brooke Brewington says:

    This is such a great way to inform people that aren’t in the science world who don’t know all the facts and factors contributing to climate change. I think to have it on such a popular station and not just a science channel really helps to broaden the audience. I think this will motivate more people to live consciously! I can’t wait to watch it myself.

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