Obama climate action plus drill baby drill? An “awkward tweet”


The White House Twitter account tweeted a message today that exemplifies the conflict at the heart of the Obama administration’s climate and energy policy: set near-term targets for limiting greenhouse gas emissions while continuing expansion of fossil fuel extraction and development for the future.

Citing the U.S. Energy Information Agency’s Short Term Energy Outlook, the White House tweeted that U.S. oil production is at a 24-year high.  Philip Bump at The Atlantic Wire (The White House Celebrates More Oil Drilling with Its Climate Change Hashtag) noted:

At the bottom of the tweet, the suggestion you share that news with the hashtag #actionclimate.

President Obama’s five-year-old climate tension in one awkward tweet.

The spike in oil production under Obama … has largely been the result of improvements in shale extraction processes. Or, in layman’s terms: fracking. … Fracking raises a long list of environmental concerns: water pollution, methane release at natural gas wells, even earthquakes. And, of course, climate change.

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