Marfa Dialogues/NY: Examining climate change through art, activism, and science

South Ferry subway station flooding (Photo: MTA New York City Transit / Leonard Wiggins)

South Ferry subway station flooding (Photo: MTA New York City Transit / Leonard Wiggins)

Here’s something we’re looking forward to on an upcoming visit to New York City: More than 30 leading cultural, academic, and advocacy organizations have launched a two-month series of events “that will combine art, activism, and science to bring together disparate audiences for a broader and deeper examination of climate change.” 

Marfa Dialogues/NY is an interdisciplinary project featuring a mix of environmental panels, live theatre, major art exhibitions, installations, community forums, musical performances and more – all accessible to the public and available via broadcast and digital media.

“Marfa Dialogues/New York is an effort to help broaden the public conversation around climate change,” said Hamilton Fish, President of the Public Concern Foundation, a co-sponsor of the project. “The special character of the project is that we engage artists and people from the creative community with journalists and scientists and other experts. The result is a more accessible public exploration of a complex but critical issue, and we reach a wider and more diverse audience.”

For the most current calendar of events and additional information about partners and programs, visit

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And while we’re on the subject of New York City, climate change, and art, note this item in the New York Times October 17: A New Book, to Be Given Away, Documents the Wrath of Hurricane Sandy

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