2014 U.S. Climate Action Report for public review and comment


The draft Sixth Climate Action Report, posted by the U.S. State Department today for a 28-day public review and comment period, contains the U.S. Government’s most detailed discussion of its actions to address climate change. This report, required every four years under the Framework Convention on Climate Change, projects U.S. greenhouse gas emissions assuming existing climate policies and measures. In addition, for the first time, CAR-6 is accompanied by a Biennial Report that projects how additional planned climate actions will further reduce emissions.

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From a State Department fact sheet:

2014 U.S. Climate Action Report

The draft U.S. Climate Action Report contains two documents, the first-ever U.S. Biennial Report and the quadrennial National Communication. Together these documents:

  • Explain how U.S. social and economic circumstances affect U.S. greenhouse gas emission levels;
  • Summarize U.S. greenhouse gas emission trends from 1990 through 2011;
  • Identify existing and planned U.S. policies and measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Indicate estimated future trends for U.S. greenhouse gas emissions under both existing and plannedclimate policies and measures;
  •  Outline the potential impacts of climate change on the United States and the preparedness and resilience measures the Nation is taking to address those impacts;
  • Provide information on climate-related financial resources and technology diffusion; and
  • Detail U.S. research and systematic observation efforts and describe U.S. climate education, training, and outreach initiatives.

Procedure for submitting public review comments on the Climate Action Report (Comments due within 28 days of publication date, by October 24, 2013.)

6th U.S. Climate Action Report public review draft as a single PDF document (This document consolidates all 13 of the separate PDFs [links below] of the public review draft of the 6th Climate Action Report posted by State Department on September 26.  The document contains 371 pages and is 8.1 MB in size. The only review document not included in this consolidated document is an Excel spreadsheet that accompanies Chapter 9 ( Chapter 9: Education, Training, and Outreach Table [Excel, 845 Kb] ).*

Links to the Biennial Report and individual chapters of the Climate Action Report:

-09/26/13   Foreward  [93 Kb]

-09/26/13   U.S. Biennial Report  [958 Kb]

-09/26/13   Chapter 1: Executive Summary  [288 Kb]

-09/26/13   Chapter 2: National Circumstances  [804 Kb]

-09/26/13   Chapter 3: Greenhouse Gas Inventory  [1339 Kb]

-09/26/13   Chapter 4: Policies & Measures  [796 Kb]

-09/26/13   Chapter 5: Projected Greenhouse Gas Emissions  [433 Kb]

-09/26/13   Chapter 6: Vulnerability, Assessment, Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Measures  [814 Kb]

-09/26/13   Chapter 7: Financial Resources and Transfer of Technology  [606 Kb]

-09/26/13   Chapter 8: Research and Systematic Observations  [1004 Kb]

-09/26/13   Chapter 9: Education, Training, and Outreach  [500 Kb]

-09/26/13   Chapter 9: Education, Training, and Outreach Table (Excel)  [845 Kb]

-09/26/13   Methodologies for U.S. Greenhouse Gas 4 Emissions Projections: Non-CO2 and Non-Energy CO2 Sources [1403 Kb]

-09/26/13   Biennial Report Appendix – With Additional Measures Methodologies  [76 Kb]

*    *    *

*Thanks to Nick Sundt at WWF-US for creating the PDF of the full text of the report.

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