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Remembering Jerry Mahlman, 1940-2012

Jerry Mahlman, a leading climatologist who for many years headed the NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dyamics Lab, died on November 28. In the 1990s I saw him play a pioneering role in interpreting the science of global warming to policymakers and … Continue reading

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Obama 2.0 — Now what?

Now that the presidential election has been decided, what’s next for President Obama and climate change policy?  Given the political constraints and the continued gridlock in Congress, what can we expect in the next four years?  A discussion on Capitol … Continue reading

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Message to enviro groups: No more co-optation by Obama on climate change

During Obama’s first term environmental groups were complicit in enabling what became years of ‘climate silence,’ by allowing themselves to be co-opted by a White House messaging strategy to talk about ‘clean energy’ but not climate change. It’s time they … Continue reading

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