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Happy New Year and all best wishes for 2013 from Climate Science Watch

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Lisa Jackson EPA resignation a refusal to support Obama Keystone XL pipeline decision?

Obama’s EPA administrator is resigning in part over her opposition to a forthcoming decision to issue a permit to construct the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, according to two sources familiar with the situation, reports BuzzFeed Politics. After the White … Continue reading

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Top climate stories of 2012

A list of the most notable, often most worrying, climate-related stories of the year, along with a few links that will allow you to explore the stories in more detail. Because of some of the things on this list, Americans … Continue reading

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EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson resignation

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson announced today that she will resign her position early in 2013. Jackson has been one of the brightest lights in the Obama Administration. She has demonstrated a progressive spirit and willingness to take essential … Continue reading

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Fossil fuel divestment campaign: “If it’s wrong to wreck the climate then it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage.”

On the recent Do the Math tour, Bill McKibben, Rev. Lennox Yearwood, author Naomi Klein and other speakers and a team of organizers launched a campaign calling on churches, colleges, and others to divest their stock portfolios of investments in … Continue reading

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Scientists respond to the Wall Street Journal’s latest junk-science climate predictions

The Wall Street Journal has published yet another Op-ed distorting climate science and twisting the latest evidence to reach conclusions flatly opposite the state of knowledge: the Earth is on track to see dangerously high temperature increases with damaging impacts.

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Sea level rise study misrepresented; humans still raising sea level

There is a new paper out in the Journal of Climate which some have hailed as proof that the global mean sea level is not influenced by human activity. However, this is exactly the opposite of what the study authors … Continue reading

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Misrepresentation of leaked review draft IPCC climate assessment report shows intellectual bankruptcy of global warming denialists

“A draft of a major report on climate change, due to be published next year, has been leaked online. Climate-sceptic bloggers have seized on it, claiming that it admits that much of global warming has been caused by the sun’s … Continue reading

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Flood Insurance Reform Act could promote better climate preparedness

Federal flood insurance reform legislation enacted this year could aid proactive state and local preparedness for climate change, sea level rise, and flooding. The beleaguered National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was overhauled in June and the changes should keep the … Continue reading

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Can “Global Warming’s Six Americas” become a melting pot for meaningful action?

The United States was once called a ‘melting pot,’ a place where different societal elements blended to form a shared culture. Can a melting pot process emerge from the diverse range of public opinion on climate change? National survey research … Continue reading

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