Chasing Ice


The ice melt off the world’s glaciers is a warning sign that climate change is impacting the entire planet.  In the new film Chasing Ice, images document months of changes in moments, offering a rare glimpse of the dramatic changes occurring due to climate change.

Chasing Ice website

This award-winning film has been screened at numerous film festivals and won the award for Excellence in Cinematography: U.S. Documentary at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.  It will open in New York City on November 9 and will screen in other cities beginning November 16.

Screening schedule

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2 Responses to Chasing Ice

  1. PJMD says:

    If this movie packs anywhere near the gut-punching power of The Cove — and it looks like it does — GET READY to have your stomach tied in a knot. GET READY to have your blood boil over, and GET READY to scream at your screen. THEN DO SOMETHING.

  2. Ken Forest says:

    How many people would not see this documentary as of evidence of climate change and would instead dismiss it because it does not fit their industrial or capitalist or religious or top-down control, world view? I am sure there are those who would expect to go golfing or gardening or boating or deep sea fishing and look outside at a storm and say it was not there because it was interfering with their vision of what was supposed to happen. Ideological denial may be a great thing…. if you can survive it. But, I believe that science based reality is more promising; it will be critical for the future of our kids. Greed just won’t cut it anymore.

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