Climate Silence


Forecast the Facts is launching a new campaign through which citizens can petition the presidential candidates to speak honestly and directly about how they would address climate change if elected.   As we’ve been saying:  It’s time for the climate silence to end. 

Forecast the Facts

From the Climate Silence statement:


Although Barack Obama and Mitt Romney sprinkle their speeches with mentions of energy and climate, they have remained stubbornly silent on the immediate and profound task of phasing out a carbon-based economy. Their failure to connect the dots and do the math imperils our nation and prevents the development of a national and global plan to respond to the most urgent challenge of our era. It’s time for their climate silence to end. …

Because of the difficult decisions our nation needs to make about carbon emissions, even communicating the science of climate change elicits vicious political attacks. The job of the President of the United States is never easy — monied interests will stop at almost nothing to protect their own power even at the expense of the American people. …

In demanding that the candidates speak honestly and directly about how they would address climate change if elected, we must all break our own silence on the scope and nature of the climate challenge. This is no easy task. Addressing the poisoning of our weather by fossil-based energy will require major shifts in our society — in policy, in personal behavior, even in consciousness. And we have no doubt that the severity of the crisis is one of the reasons the candidates are avoiding it.

But Americans of all political persuasions agree that the job of the President of the United States is to explain existing threats to the public welfare, and lead the nation in tackling them head on. …

To be sure, talking about climate change will not be enough. What is needed is bold action, and that will require overcoming any number of practical and political challenges. But it is also true that not talking about climate change guarantees that our nation will not respond with the intensity and urgency required.

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2 Responses to Climate Silence

  1. Anne says:

    On tonight’s Prez debate, Mitt Romney key quote: “I like coal.” That’s a clear stance on climate change: more GHGs into the atmosphere. Ranks right up there with “I like cars.”

  2. Ken Forest says:

    In the future, the American nation will certainly talk about climate change, and in spades. They will talk about little else.

    But when? Unfortunately, that answer seems to be when catastrophic changes become so apparent, so debilitating, so life threatening and so nation-breaking, that little can be done to rectify them. Hunger, insecurity, health concerns and constant anxiety will change everything. A collapse of 3 of the world’s 5 bread baskets would do it. Then, blaming and finger pointing will emerge from what should have been rational planning based on years of science, increasing facts and mounting evidence.

    Our children will be saying: what were they thinking? Were they, in-fact, thinking (even about us?). Guess the immediate almighty buck or political points were more more important than their offspring, or the world.

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