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GOP continues attacks on new EPA greenhouse gas rules

September 20 and 21 marked business-as-usual for House Republicans as they attempted to weaken the Environmental Protection Agency’s powers to protect human health and the environment by regulating emissions of greenhouse gases.  The Energy and Power Subcommittee held the twenty-ninth … Continue reading

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Toward Obama second-term leadership on climate science and policy

In an editorial this week, the journal Nature asks: “If Barack Obama earns a second term as US president, will he have the energy to tackle climate?” Nature shares some views that we have been expressing since before Obama was … Continue reading

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Petition to “Put Climate Change on the Agenda in the First Presidential Debate”

The League of Conservation Voters has posted for signing a petition to Jim Lehrer, the moderator for the first presidential debate scheduled for October 3. “We urge you to ask President Obama and Governor Romney how they will confront the … Continue reading

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Rio+20: Meaningful progress or lost opportunity?

How to move forward with progress on sustainability following Rio+20 – the short name for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development that was held in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012 – was the subject of discussion by a … Continue reading

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Dangers of inadequate citizen access to government scientific information

Inadequate citizen access to government scientific information has had serious implications for the environment and human health.  On September 19, the Union of Concerned Scientists’ new Center for Science and Democracy sponsored a webinar on “Dangers of Inadequate Information and … Continue reading

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“Greedy Lying Bastards”

A ‘first final cut’ of Craig Rosebraugh’s new film about the power of the oil industry, the global warming disinformation campaign, and the BP Deepwater Horizon oil blowout disaster was screened on September 13 at the international conference on Culture, … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Russell E. Train, 1920-2012, a giant of environmental protection

Russell Train, a visionary conservationist who led the Environmental Protection Agency and pioneered the development of U.S. environmental law and policy under Presidents Nixon and Ford, died on September 17.  He exemplified how a conservative could support strong environmental protection. He criticized … Continue reading

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Court rules for Univ. of Virginia and Michael Mann against denialist inquisition – scholarly e-mail and documents are protected communication

A Virginia court has affirmed the University of Virginia’s right to withhold confidential scholarly communications, thus ruling against the global warming denialist American Tradition Institute’s demand to make public climate scientist Michael Mann’s documents and email correspondence with dozens of other scientists during his time … Continue reading

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“A Climate of Corporate Control” – public information and the need for inside information

Major corporations, typically in the energy and electric utility sectors, have invested substantial amounts of money in political contributions and lobbying to buy influence aimed at undermining climate science and obstructing the creation of a meaningful U.S. policy for dealing … Continue reading

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“Culture, Politics, and Climate Change”

We’re in beautiful, environmentally conscious and scientifically literate Boulder, Colorado, this week, participating in an international conference on Culture, Politics, and Climate Change. The conference is co-sponsored by the Center for Environmental Journalism and a number of other components of … Continue reading

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