Have multinationals hijacked Rio+20?


Multinational corporations are well-represented at the Rio+20 conference in Brazil this week.  We talked with Al Jazeera English TV’s Inside Story Americas, which asked, “whether in the push to attract so-called corporate stakeholders to the environmental cause, the UN summit has become less about the future of the planet than about the future of corporate profits.”

Interviewer Shihab Rattansi also questioned Kumi Naidoo, executive director of Greenpeace International; Nnimmo Bassey, executive director of Environmental Rights Action in Nigeria and chair of Friends of the Earth International; and Daniel Morris, a fellow at the Washington-based think tank Resources for the Future.

Video of the 25-minute program is also posted on the Al Jazeera website.

Additional Inside Story America programs.

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  1. bobarl says:

    So we are all controlled by the worlds biggest companies whose influence (meaning money resources) dictate what we can do to fight climate change and these companies don’t seem too excited to do anything to make real progress here. What does that spell for the future?? The answer I believe is environmental disaster, no question about it. How many tv commercials a day do we see about how wonderful fossil fuel companies, and other mega industries are. To me it’s a big attempt by these companies to look so clean and wonderful. It’s a sham, but unfortunately, it’s working.

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