Thanks to State Farm insurance for dropping the Heartland Institute


Update to Shawn Lawrence Otto’s post of Prof. Scott Mandia’s “Open Letter to State Farm about Climate Denial”:

At 6:30PM CT on May 7, State Farm announced on their facebook site that they were severing all ties with the Heartland Institute. “State Farm is ending its association with the Heartland Institute,” the insurance company stated. “This is because of a recent billboard campaign launched by the Institute.” Count that as a win for mainstream science and reason.

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2 Responses to Thanks to State Farm insurance for dropping the Heartland Institute

  1. bobarl says:

    I was so proud of our nations success in sending astronauts to the moon 43 years ago and I looked at that as one example of what science can do. One of the astronauts who was lucky enough to go to the moon was Harrison Schmidt, now (or previously) a participant in the Heartland anti-science think tank. It compares persons who believe that climate change is occurring and will cause many disastrous problems for life on Earth to serial killers. This is simply outrageous and I cannot see how someone like a former astronaut who took part in one of the greatest scientific accomplishments ever can in my opinion stoop so low as this. I rack my brain trying to understand this behavior.

  2. John Chase says:

    Letting religious belief trump data will ultimately fail. The Church discovered that when they denied that the Earth moves around the Sun, as Galileo postulated. He was one man; not a large sample. Now it is 1000s of scientists, disproportionately supportive of the theory of climate change. Denial by the Church had no downside except it promoted ignorance. Denial by climate change deniers carries real risks to the planet.

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