General Motors pulls funding from Heartland Institute; Heartland responds


A GM spokesman confirmed that the company will stop funding the Heartland Institute, a well-known cog in the global warming denial machine. Heartland issued a response in which they complain about, get this:  the Huffington Post, Center for American Progress,, Greenpeace, and, of course, Peter Gleick.

Climate One reports:

General Motors has decided to discontinue funding of the Heartland Institute, an organization that downplays the risks of climate disruption, three weeks after GM Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson was asked about it during a Climate One radio interview. GM spokesman Dave Barthmuss confirmed the move today.

Mr. Akerson had been challenged with this question:

“Please ask Mr. Akerson why GM funds the Heartland Institute, a group that has tried to push misinformation about climate change into our public schools. Is this funding consistent with their company’s message in marketing of the Chevy Volt?”

The Heartland Institute has responded with this media advisory:

Heartland Institute Responds to General Motors’ Decision to Pull Funding

General Motors spokesman David Barthmuss today confirmed the company’s foundation will no longer donate to The Heartland Institute. The following statement by Joseph Bast, president of The Heartland Institute, may be used for attribution.

“The General Motors Foundation has been a supporter of The Heartland Institute for some 20 years. We regret the loss of their support, particularly since it was prompted by false claims contained in a fake memo circulated by disgraced climate scientist Peter Gleick.

“We once again respectfully ask liberal advocacy groups such as Huffington Post, the Center for American Progress,, and Greenpeace to stop attacking scientists who question the theory of man-made global warming and corporations and foundations that are willing to fund open debate on this important public policy issue.”

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  1. Bruce Williams says:

    They would have done this long ago, but no one at the top knew about the $15k donation.

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