“Greedy Lying Bastards” – forthcoming film a “searing indictment” of the fossil fuel industry


“Craig Rosebraugh, a US filmmaker and political activist, has produced a feature-length documentary that demands to be seen,” writes Leo Hickman in the UK Guardian. “If the trailer and impressive roster of interviewees are anything to go by, it’s likely to cause quite a stir.”  We were interviewed for this film a while back, before it had its current title.

From the UK  Guardian Environment Blog, January 20:

Greedy Lying Bastards: US filmmaker attacks oil industry

Craig Rosebraugh’s new documentary highlights the ‘influence, deceit and corruption’ of fossil fuel industry

Provocative, frank and impossible to ignore. And that’s just the title. …

Filmed over the past two years and across nine countries, Greedy Lying Bastards claims to be a “searing indictment of the influence, deceit and corruption that defines the fossil fuel industry.” …

Rosebraugh’s position is abundantly clear: he is aiming hard and fast at the oil industry and the network of influence that does its bidding. But, despite all the polemic and editorialising, it would appear that he has gone to some lengths to include a wide range of voices in the documentary: …

It was announced this week that the composer Michael Brook – who scored Al Gore‘s An Inconvenient Truth – has signed up to pen the music for the film. And in recent weeks, the Greedy Lying Bastards YouTube page has started to host short extracts from some of the film’s interviewees. …

Greedy Lying Bastards website

“Sneak peek” clips from a few of the interviews in the film:

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon

Climate scientist Pieter Tans

Noam Chomsky

Denis Hayes

Rick Piltz


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