Happy New Year – Occupy 2012


Happy New Year from Climate Science Watch to all our thousands of ‘unique visitors’ (webstats term) from the US and around the world, and best wishes for the coming year as we begin again.  Occupy 2012.

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  1. Anne says:

    Nice! Everyone I talk with feels inexplicably optimistic about 2012, or “twenty dozen” as some are calling this new year.

    Looking back on 2011, I am remembering two remarkable and courageous woman women who were lost to us: Judy Bonds, who fought tirelessly and valiantly against the heinous coal extraction practice of mountaintop removal (http://tinyurl.com/judybonds), and Wangara Maathai, a Kenyan activist and Nobel peace prize winner who founded the Green Belt Movement that resulted in the planting of 30 million trees (http://tinyurl.com/wangaramaathai). These women pioneered new levels of activism and leave behind lasting legacies of pure and unwavering commitment to cherishing and protecting our natural world, Earth. We’ll miss them greatly.

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