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Obama administration to expand offshore drilling in Alaska and Gulf of Mexico

BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig ablaze (Photo: U.S. Coast Guard) “There’s been no fundamental reform that can keep the Gulf of Mexico or the Arctic safe from the next spill catastrophe.” the Center for Biological Diversity noted in response to the … Continue reading

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Al Jazeera interview on Muller Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature study

“The obstacles to action on climate change are not really about science and science communication anymore, they’re about politics, and the political resistance to taking action,” we told Al Jazeera English TV in a story about the confirmation of global warming … Continue reading

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Favorable Virginia court procedural ruling in Michael Mann v. global warming denialist email raid

University of Virginia After a November 1 hearing, a Virginia judge has granted a petition from the University of Virginia to alter an earlier, inappropriate agreement by university lawyers that would have allowed the radical right-wing, global warming denialist American Tradition … Continue reading

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Federal Climate Change Adaptation Task Force 2011 progress report – one step forward

“Communities across the Nation are already experiencing a range of climatic changes,” says the 2011 progress report of the federal Climate Change Adaptation Task Force. “The impacts from these changes are affecting livelihoods, infrastructure, ecosystems, food production, energy supply, national … Continue reading

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