Jim Hansen arrest at White House tar sands pipeline protest: “We had a dream”


Climate Science Watch director Rick Piltz joined climate scientist James Hansen and 141 other individuals on August 29 in getting arrested at a sit-in demonstration at the White House, calling on President Obama to block construction the proposed Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline.

We sang “Hear our voices…stop the pipeline…not in our name…keep your promise” and “Which side are you on Obama, which side are you on?” As of September 1, 843 people have been arrested in this series of civil disobedience protests. Stopping the pipeline, which would carry the tar sands carbon bomb from Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast, can be viewed as a litmus test of Obama’s character and integrity on climate change.

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Aug 29 Press Release: Largest Day of Arrests Yet at White House Pipeline Protest

Amid Cheers, NASA Chief [climate scientist] Is Arrested at Oil Sands Pipeline Protests

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Nation’s Leading Environmental NGOs Unified Against Tar Sands Pipeline

Green Organizing in Red States: The Fight Against Big Oil’s Next Pipeline (Good panel discussion at Netroots Nation 2011 conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 18, 2011, with grassroots opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline, chaired by Kate Sheppard, reporter at Mother Jones.)

New York Times editorial: Tar Sands and the Carbon Numbers

Mark Bittman blog, New York Times, August 31: “Keystone XL Is Self-Destructive. Does the Obama Administration Need to Be Also?”

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