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U.S. federal task force calls for domestic and international climate change adaptation strategy

The U.S. government should move toward a coordinated national climate change adaptation strategy, says a federal interagency task force in a recent report to the President. Obama should take ownership of this issue with a strong statement of recognition and … Continue reading

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NOAA on the BP oil blowout: Is this any way to communicate science?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s science communication fiasco over the amount and fate of the runaway oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico following the BP Deepwater Horizon blowout presented an important object lesson: the Obama administration “tried to … Continue reading

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National Public Radio leads with story on Republicans’ anti-science position on climate change

NPR “All Things Considered” interviewed CSW director Rick Piltz, Rep. Bob Inglis (R-South Carolina), and environmentalist Bill McKibben for an October 23 lead story on Republicans and denial of the scientific evidence for human-caused climate change. The war on climate … Continue reading

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“Expertise matters for climate solutions, not just for climate science.”

Jonathan Koomey, independent analyst and Consulting Professor at Stanford University,  comments on our July 2010 interview with Stephen Schneider on climate science expert credibility, and their exchange on clarifying a point about the need for policy expertise in deciding what … Continue reading

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Virginia-Maryland-Delaware electric co-ops add to the culture of climate change deception

“Is it ignorance, that these electric companies do not know the science?  Is it arrogance, that they somehow imagine they know better than what the science has shown? The answer is likely worse than either of these,” writes CSW guest … Continue reading

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Climate Science Watch update – October 18, 2010

Updating a few items on issues we’ve been tracking and writing about: EPA takes a step in the right direction on mountaintop removal coal mining; Cuccinelli’s radical right-wing star keeps rising at Virginia tea party convention; Chris Mooney on communicating … Continue reading

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“Preparing for Climate Change” – Steve Schneider continues to confront us with inconvenient truths

In a very concise little book, co-authors Michael Mastrandrea and Stephen Schneider argue that policies to slow climate change and prepare for its impacts “must  be complementary and concurrent.” Adaptive preparedness is essential, they say, because even with aggressive global efforts … Continue reading

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On Bjorn Lomborg and the “middle ground”

Global warming contrarian Bjorn Lomborg told POLITICO he is trying to defend the“smart middle” ground in the climate policy debate. But, we asked, where is the middle ground when one of the political parties appears to be aligning itself in a denialist … Continue reading

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California’s new state-issued energy textbook avoids climate change, puts coal on par with solar and wind

California’s new state environmental education program will distribute an energy booklet to 6th graders that is equivocal on the greenhouse effect, downplays the impacts of burning fossil fuels, and doesn’t address climate change, Climate Science Watch has found.  This new program, … Continue reading

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10/10/10 global warming rally at the White House

James Hansen and other speakers joined hundreds of demonstrators in Lafayette Park in Washington, DC, in calling on President Obama to speak out and take action with urgency on climate change. The rally was one of more than 7,000 … Continue reading

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