CSW interview on IPCC and recommendations for ‘fundamental reform’


On August 30, Climate Science Watch director Rick Piltz was interviewed on Al Jazeera English TV as part of their coverage of the important new report by the InterAcademy Council on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The report calls for a number of needed changes in management, structure, procedure, and communications, to strengthen the IPCC in producing complex climate change assessments and to forestall further damage to the organization’s perceived credibility.

On August 30 the InterAcademy Council released its report Climate Change Assessments, Review of the Processes & Procedures of the IPCC. (IAC news release here – “InterAcademy Council Report Recommends Fundamental Reform of IPCC Management Structure”)  This is a good report with what appears to me at this point to be a solid set of recommendations.  We will have additional commentary in a follow-up post.  As part of their coverage of the report, I talked briefly with Al Jazeera English.

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Al Jazeera English, a 24-hour English-language international news and current affairs channel, can be viewed in every major European market, and is available to 130 million homes in more than 100 countries via cable and satellite, in addition to live streaming on the Web. Al Jazeera English broadcasts from Washington, DC, London, Qatar, and Kuala Lumpur, without commercials and without endless pundit chatter.  It offers a global perspective that’s interested in what’s going on in, say, the Philippines, Kenya, or Poland, more than in, say, Sarah Palin’s latest ravings or whether Lindsay Lohan’s bail is being revoked. It’s also quite interested in the U.S., from a non-U.S.-centric perspective. Check it out. Best live-streaming here.

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