Climate deniers melt away on Capitol Hill


On July 15 CSW was on Capitol Hill watching youth coalition Consequence’s ‘Climate Deniers’ sculpture melt away on the Senate lawn. The ice sculpture, intended to symbolize the meltdown of climate denialists’ arguments under record-high global temperatures, served as a backdrop for several dynamic speeches calling on the Senate to take action on constructing a comprehensive and science-based climate bill. Speaking at the event were Dan Lashof, Director of the Climate Center, Natural Resources Defense Council; Brenda Ekwurzel, Union of Concerned Scientists; and Ethan Nuss of Energy Action Coalition.

Post by Rebeka Ryvola
The ice sculpture was unveiled at noon on July 15. Despite the 90+ degree weather, it took several hours for the massive ‘Climate Deniers’ to melt away.

Speaking about climate science, Dan Lashof, Director of the Climate Center, Natural Resources Defense Council affirmed again what some politicians seem to have such a hard time grasping: “climate change is here, and it’ll only get worse.”

See Lashof’s blogpost on the event here.

Brenda Ekwurzel of the Union of Concerned Scientists spoke of the many investigations that have cleared scientists of any wrongdoing, rightly acknowledging that any accusations were intended to distract public and politicians, and delay action.

See our recent interviews with Michael Mann & Steve Schneider on this subject.


Ethan Nuss of Energy Action Coalition urged politicians to get serious about climate change.

Nick Sundt of WWF. See Nick’s WWF blog post on the event.

See CNN Video here, Consequence coverage here, and post here.

J.Ryvola Photos.

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