Climate Progress interviews Christopher Field and Michael MacCracken on climate change reality


Chris Field, co-chair of the next IPCC assessment of climate change impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability, and Mike MacCracken of the Climate Institute were interviewed February 3 on human-driven climate change and its potential impacts and responded to global warming “skeptics”. In talking about how we know humans are changing the climate and why climate change is a clear and present danger, Field and MacCracken bring sanity and clarity to a discussion that has been confused by denialist attacks on the IPCC and the climate science community. See Details for links to videos.

Video of the Field and MacCracken interviews

Also: Video and PowerPoint presentations from February 3 panel at the Center for American Progress in Washington, DC, with Dr. Field, Dr. MacCracken, and CAP moderator Joe Romm

Earlier post on our exchange with Chris Field:
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Thanks to Joe Romm at Climate Progress

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