Andy Revkin’s Last Day at The New York Times: December 21


“Science writer Andrew C. Revkin, the individual journalist most identified with reporting on climate change, is leaving The New York Times,” the Yale Forum on Climate Change & the Media reports. “His last day will be December 21.”

The Yale Forum on Climate Change & the Media reports:

“…He will affilliate with Pace University.

“He is expected to continue working on his popular dotearth blog through The Times, though details are still being arranged.

“Revkin’s move has been in the works for some time, and he says he decided some two years ago—after writing a ‘next 20 years’ personal memorandum about his career plans—that he would leave journalism. He cites frustration with journalism and also personal fatigue after routinely working virtualy 24/7 in recent years.

More details, based on personal interview and analysis of newsroom impacts, to be posted later today at The Yale Forum on Climate Change & the Media

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