Wash Post credits new denialist propaganda with “reviving the debate” on climate change cause


CO2 is Green, a coal-money-funded global warming denialist media propaganda campaign with a message that almost might make you think you were reading a satire on denialism in The Onion, says that “plant and animal kingdoms, including humanity, [will be] harmed if atmospheric CO2 is reduced.” This operation is running media ads in the states of certain key Senators, something perhaps worthy of noting. But how strange that the Washington Post’s 900-word article on this today is titled “New Groups Revive the Debate Over Causes of Climate Change.” The Post thinks this has the status of a debate?  Steven Mufson, your article is OK, but who wrote this dopey, misleading, and really irresponsible title? Shame on the Post for this.  (By the way, we also cross-posted on the Daily Kos today.)

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