“The Denial Machine” – Index on Censorship reviews the Bush record on climate science


In “The Denial Machine,” Climate Science Watch director Rick Piltz reviews eight years of the climate change disinformation campaign in the Bush administration for a special end-of-2008 issue of Index on Censorship devoted to examining the Bush legacy on human rights, secrecy, and censorship.

The award-winning London-based Index on Censorship magazine looked to the future of free expresssion in the US after Bush and asked: “What will it take to roll back the culture of secrecy and surveillance?”

Some of the articles in the Bush retrospective issue are posted on the Index on Censorship web site, along with a wealth of other material on human rights, secrecy, and censorship issues.  Since “The Denial Machine” is not posted on that site, we have uploaded it here as a scanned PDF document, to make it available online, for the record.

Index on Censorship describes itself as “Britain’s leading organisation promoting freedom of expression. Index on Censorship was first published in 1972, in response to show trials of writers and intellectuals in Moscow.  Since then, it has continued to protect and promote free expression.  In addition to its print and online publications, the Index on Censorship organization works in partnership with scores of groups and hundreds of writers, artists, journalists, and performers worldwide.”

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