“Whistleblower’s Revenge”


“The gust of wind that surged through Washington D.C. earlier this month was not a warm front moving in,” writes William S. Becker, director of the Presidential Climate Action Project, in the March 15 Environmentalist (“Whistleblower’s Revenge”). “It was the collective sigh of relief when President Barack Obama issued a memorandum that will protect the work of the 100,000 scientists and engineers in the U.S. government. But it’s likely that no one felt a greater sense of relief or vindication—than Rick Piltz.” 

Our thanks and appreciation to Bill Becker for this article, which was also reposted by Joe Romm in Climate Progress. 

Check out the Presidential Climate Action Plan and the Presidential Climate Action Project web site.  The project, which is winding down to a conclusion now, made many good recommendations to the incoming Obama administration for a broad range of action to deal with global climatic disruption.

Also check out The Environmentalist – “an eco-investigative journalism web magazine that focuses on the geopolitical impact of climate change and the history of impacted regions.”

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