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Marburger’s legacy: John Holdren must restore credibility to the White House science office

Incoming presidential science advisor John Holdren will be called upon to restore credibility to the Office of Science and Technology Policy, which, in our view, his Bush administration predecessor John Marburger did much to discredit.  We note several instances in … Continue reading

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Greenwire: “CLIMATE: In its final days, Bush admin released long-awaited studies”

“This is the endlessly delayed process; all of these things were at least one and a half years overdue—in some cases more,” said Rick Piltz, director of the watchdog group Climate Science Watch. “It really undermined the credibility of the … Continue reading

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Obama government openness pledge a challenge to change federal culture, reward truth-tellers

“My administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in government,”  President Obama said on his first full day in office. Achieving this will require more than a presidential statement.  It will require much stronger protections for public … Continue reading

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Getting to know John Holdren, Part 2: A compendium of CSW posts 2006-2009

Dr. John Holdren, President Obama’s new science adviser, has been someone we have long respected and admired for his dedication, keen intellect, and valuable contributions to science.  Over the years, we have noted some of his work, quoted him, and … Continue reading

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A grand finale (?) for climate program under Bush: Last 5 of 21 reports approved at 11th hour

The completion and publication on the last working day of the Bush administration of the remaining five of 21 “Synthesis and Assessment Products”—the centerpiece climate science reports of the US Climate Change Science Program—is on one hand, laudable, but on … Continue reading

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Replace Michael Griffin with a reality-based NASA leader who puts Earth Science first

Outgoing NASA Administrator Michael Griffin’s notion that Earthlings might someday flee an uninhabitable Earth to find safe haven on another planet in the galaxy makes for good science fiction, but probably should not characterize the mindset of the head of … Continue reading

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Progress Report lists “The 43 Who Helped Make Bush the Worst Ever”

The Progress Report heralded the conclusion of the Bush 43 presidency with their list of candidates for the top 43 worst Bush appointees.  We note that the list includes a number of appointees who contributed to the Bush administration’s reputation … Continue reading

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The US National Assessment of climate change impacts is now available on DVD, free of charge

The US Global Change Research Program (Climate Change Science Program) has produced a disk (DVD) containing electronic copies of a rich set of reports generated by an ambitious, multi-year national assessment of climate impacts across regions and sectors that took … Continue reading

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Sen. Whitehouse to EPA nominee Lisa Jackson: “Get a good IG” and watch out for OMB “bullyboys”

During today’s confirmation hearing for Lisa Jackson, nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse urged her to get an agency Inspector General who would investigate problems with EPA’s mismanagement and possible illegalities under the Bush administration, and … Continue reading

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New and much improved “Unified Synthesis Report” is open for a second round of public comment

The U.S. Climate Change Science Program has released a second iteration of a report that synthesizes and describes in lay terms the current scientific understanding of global climate disruption.  Major improvements over a heavily criticized initial draft released in July … Continue reading

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