New House Science Oversight Subcommittee


A supporter of whistleblower protections will chair a new House Science and Technology Oversight Subcommittee that could focus on matters of science censorship.

From a report by Lauren Morello in E&ENews PM (by subscription), January 24:

Rep. Brad Miller (D-N.C.) was selected this morning to head a new oversight panel within the House Science and Technology Committee that could delve deeply into matters of scientific censorship…The panel will handle “investigative and oversight activities on matters covering the entire jurisdiction” of the full committee, according to information released today by Science and Technology Committee Democrats.

Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) will serve as ranking member on the subcommittee.

Miller, [a third-term House member] who joined the Science Committee in the 108th Congress [2003], made waves last session with legislation that would have added whistleblower protections to the NOAA organic act bill eventually approved by the House…Republicans shot down the amendment on a party-line vote…

We look forward to seeing how Mr. Miller develops the oversight agenda for this new subcommittee.  We have identified some key issues that would be under the subcommittee’s jurisdiction and could benefit from a focus on oversight of science communication and the Climate Change Science Program—oversight that has been in short supply in recent years. 

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