“California’s Changing Climate: The Politics of Climate Change”


KPCC-FM (89.3), Southern California Public Radio, is airing a 9-day series on California’s Changing Climate.  A Webcast of today’s program (November 30, 2006), on The Politics of Climate Change, is posted on the KPCC Web site.  Climate Science Watch director Rick Piltz was among those interviewed.

“California’s Changing Climate: Special Coverage”
“California recently became the first U.S. state to cap greenhouse gases. It did so because officials foresee serious threats to the state’s environment, public health, and economy.  These stories look at what researchers say is at stake.”

The Politics of Climate Change
Thursday, November 30

“Global warming is a big issue this week. Scientific consensus is growing around the facts of global climate change, but the politics of it continue to complicate. Is there a growing political agreement about climate change? What are the attitudes of those in Washington, and how does California’s increasingly aggressive stance affect the dynamic?”

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