For researchers: White House CEQ “Online Reading Room” for FOIA response documents


The White House Council on Environment Quality has posted documents that CEQ has released pursuant to various requests made under the Freedom of information Act in an “Online Reading Room” on the CEQ Web site.  These include documents relating to CEQ communications with the Competitive Enterprise Institute; the 2002 U.S. Climate Action Report; EPA’s Clean Air Act authority and Draft Report on the Environment; the U.S. Climate Change Science Program; and other topics.

The CEQ Web site has a Freedom of Information Act Center that includes a CEQ Online Reading Room containing links to posted documents. CEQ says: “This reading room was created in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, 5 USC 552 (FOIA) and Executive Order 13392, which directs Federal agencies to ensure citizen-centered, results-oriented FOIA operations.”

Among other things, the Online Reading Room contains CEQ FOIA Responses. CEQ says: “This section of the Online Reading Room contains various documents released by CEQ under the Freedom of Information Act that, because of the nature of their subject matter, are likely to be the subject of other FOIA requests. Documents available online include written and email correspondence and other information deemed responsive to a particular FOIA request; material determined to be non-responsive is indicated within the text of the document. Material is organized by subject, and individual documents are indexed and numbered chronologically. Follow the links below to access CEQ FOIA responses.”

It appears that the documents, which span a period of several years, were posted to the CEQ Web site in October 2006. FOIA response documents are grouped under the following headings:

In subsequent posts we will refer to some of the items posted by CEQ to illustrate points having to do with the Climate Change Science Program and CEQ’s role in climate change communications.

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