Bush: String leakers up by the thumbs, as we do with prisoners at Guantanamo


A new book may shed light on President George W. Bush’s true feelings toward whistleblowers, or at least toward those “leakers” who expose his administration’s alleged illegal and questionable activity. According to the former Canadian prime minister’s chief of staff, Mr. Bush explained how he would personally handle government leaks. Reportedly, Mr. Bush stated, “If I catch anyone who leaks in my government, I would like to string them up by the thumbs. The same way we do with prisoners in Guantanamo.”  (From an Op-ed by Government Accountability Project President Louis Clark.)

“The president has no use for whistleblowers” 
Op-ed by Louis Clark
Topeka (Kansas) Capital-Journal online
Friday, November 3, 2006

Edward Goldenberg
“The Way it Works”
(Douglas Gibson Books, 2006)

“Bush said leakers should be ‘strung up’”
Washington, Nov. 3 (UPI)

Former Climate Change Science Program Director Jim Mahoney made this point to me in more civilized terms.

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