BBC Radio-4: “Science Blacklist”


Science Blacklist was aired on BBC Radio-4 in the UK and internationally on January 3 and January 8, 2006. Part of the program dealt with climate change and included interviews with Rick Piltz, Climate Science Watch; Robert Walker, lobbyist and former Republican Chair of the House Committee on Science; and Myron Ebell, Competitive Enterprise Institute. 

BBC: “Political interference in science is causing widespread alarm across the United States. Thousands of scientists are accusing the Bush administration of systematically suppressing, manipulating and distorting their work. Many government scientists have resigned in protest, claiming that industrial and ideological powers are infiltrating their work to an unprecedented level. In The Science Blacklist, BBC Washington correspondent Justin Webb investigates the growing number of US science scandals – from editing climate change research to repressing the sale of contraceptives.”

Listen to the program.  The global warming segment of this 40-minute program runs from 21:48 to 30:15.

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